Hello World!

Les Ingéniaux launch their website! This is the first step of a long adventure.

For the moment, the site lines up an overview of the core technologies of our workshops: Robotics, Programming, 3D Printing and Web Design.

Dear website visitors, first explorers! Sibylle and I would be delighted to hear your opinion on the website content and layout.

Faithful to our DIY inspiration, we have written all the content with our very own keyboards, striving to communicate our enthusiasm and to offer you a clear description of our project.

Sure, for the moment the website will leave you wishing for more: where are the workshops? How can you subscribe? Can we see the pictures of the shop? All this will become available a little later, by the end of spring 2019.

Our plan is to keep expanding the website scope, so that we can host a e-commerce section showcasing each available workshop, and offering online subscription; a member area, both giving you the ability to track your orders, but also contribute to the site content, creating personal pages to describe your own projects; and finally a space where you can book other services, such as 3D printing of your models, or self-service access to the workbenches at Les Ingéniaux.

For those interested in Les Ingéniaux as a professional opportunity, for example in coaching one of the workshops, we have added a specific page to provide more information about collaboration, and how to get in touch with us. Join the community of Les Ingéniaux!


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