Our mission at Les Ingéniaux is to bring technology within easy reach of all those who want to learn while having a nice time. We think the most fun and effective way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and “make”: first aim for small achievements, then gain confidence and go further!

The technology we have chosen as our workshops theme is accessible to beginners, and even the very first realizations will be rewarding.

So follow your curiosity, come to meet us and choose your favorite workshop! Besides, nothing prevents you from being a “Jack of all trades”… and become a serious maker!


Les Ingéniaux lead you to discover the world of programming as far as your desire to push your limits brings you.

Beginners or experienced, decide to make a video game, write the code that controls a robot, or design and develop software on your original idea. You choose the challenge, our coaches will give you the instruments to succeed!

Programming is a very rewarding activity, and it is much simpler than what people generally believe.

Innovative technologies for creative makers

Web Design

Come and create your own website with Les Ingéniaux!

This activity is not reserved to specialized agencies: however, in order to develop an efficient and functional site, it is necessary to know some essential rules, to have an introduction to the technical aspects, and above all, to be willing to put his creativity to the test.

Les Ingéniaux can help you both on the technical part and on the content creation, so that you acquire the competences needed to create a professional-grade site.

Innovative technologies for creative makers


Make your first steps in this fascinating world, leave the clichés behind and understand how this stuff works… Get started with building and programming small robots, and then proceed towards the limits of your imagination!

Robotics are the meeting point of several disciplines: electronics, programming, and 3d design. This is what makes robotics such a popular battlefield for makers, and you are probably not going to be the exception 🙂

At Les Ingéniaux, you’ll have access to 3d tools and printers that will shape your robotic creations.

Learn 3D modeling and printing

3D printing

Imagine an object, design it, then push on a button and… turn it into reality! 3d printing makes manufacturing accessible to everyone.

At Les Ingéniaux, young people and adults can learn about 3D modeling, choosing the software with the most suitable level of sophistication.

Our specialists will also reveal all the tips and tricks that make it possible to achieve quality impressions.

Learn 3D modeling and printing