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Les Ingéniaux are above all a community of enthusiasts, driven by the desire to share knowledge and to undertake challenges. Experts are the cornerstone of this organization, they support the progress of beginners, and help to turn the ideas of workshop participants into reality.

Teaching other people is a great opportunity to discover hobby partners, and to structure your knowledge in a more robust way.

Knowing how to lead beginners requires having strong skills and being willing to explain in a pedagogical way, with patience; and above all to get excited with your apprentices every time a milestone is reached!

Depending on your profile, Les Ingéniaux can offer you tailored collaboration opportunities. So, do not hesitate: if you are interested, please ask your questions or just come to meet us.

Creative Technology Workshops in Paris: A 3D printer used to prototype objects.


Are you a student at an engineering school, a technical or a scientific university? Are you passionate about one (or more) of the core technologies that Les Ingéniaux work on? Would you like to be a coach at one of our workshops?

Come and meet us: we will study together the collaboration options that will best fit your schedule and expectations.

In addition to the remuneration for coaching, you will also have access to the self-service workshop. You can become a member of our makers community. This will lead you to meet people, or learn things that could prove useful for your next entry into the professional world!

Creative Technology Workshops in Paris: A 3D printer used to prototype objects.


Are you active as a technology professional? Do you master one or more of the technologies that Les Ingéniaux are offering? Do you like to share what you know? In a more creative and free context than the daily office work?

Your profile fits perfectly with the coaching of workshops for adults, or in general for all workshops that go well beyond an initiation.

If this sounds interesting to you, we can discuss about possible ways to setup our collaboration.

An experience at Les Ingéniaux will bring a new dimension to your career path, oriented towards the world of sharing. Besides – who knows – it could be an opportunity to meet interesting people for your career!

A prototype part made with a 3D printer
Innovative technologies for creative makers


Are you one of those makers who did not get there by their education or by their profession, but by passion? Did you learn “by doing” and do you think this is the best way? (By the way – we think the same!)

If you like the industrious atmosphere of fablabs and want to become an integral part of our community, tell us about your projects. If they correspond to the interests of our community members, it is possible to organize one-off or recurring workshops, during which you will share your joy of doing with a group of apprentices.

In addition to the compensation for coaching, you will surely experience the pleasure of meeting people who share your passion, in a place inspired by the makers culture!

Innovative technologies for creative makers