These terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between The Les Ingéniaux (hereinafter, “Les Ingéniaux“) and the customer. Any registration and use of services issued by Les Ingéniaux implies the full acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale which will prevail over any other general or specific conditions not expressly approved by Les Ingéniaux.

This page is provided in English for information only. The only official version of the Terms and Conditions is the original page in French (available here).


The services are delivered in the form of technology workshops, involving the use of tools, equipment and computers made available by Les Ingéniaux or its partners, in the premises of Les Ingéniaux or in partner places.

Weekly workshops: Weekly sessions are held according to a schedule set by Les Ingéniaux,communicated at the time of enrollment. These workshops can span different periods, such as a trimester (10 sessions) or a school year (30 sessions). Les Ingéniaux reserve the right to cancel a workshop if fewer than 6 participants are registered. In this case, Les Ingéniaux will notify the customer at least one week in advance. The registration fee will then be fully refunded.

One-week workshops: Workshops are offered at different times of the year, for an hourly volume and duration depending on their content. Les Ingéniaux reserve the right to cancel a workshop if fewer than 6 participants are registered. In this case, Les Ingéniaux will notify the customer at least 72 hours in advance. The registration fee will then be fully refunded.

One-session workshops: One-session workshops are offered at different times of the year, during a single day, for a duration depending on their content. Les Ingéniaux reserve the right to cancel a workshop if fewer than 5 participants are registered. In this case, Les Ingéniaux will notify the customer at least 72 hours in advance. The registration fee will then be fully refunded.

Self-service: Les Ingéniaux offer members the possibility to use workspaces, tools, equipment, for a reservation. The space can be booked through the website of Les Ingéniaux, or through a request by phone or email. A confirmation from Les Ingéniaux is necessary to consider a time slot as reserved for a customer.


The rates listed on the website and any other information brochure include all taxes, including VAT applicable on the day of registration.


Payment for the services offered by Les Ingéniaux is due in full on the day of registration.

For the weekly annual workshops: payment is made online or in-store. It is possible to pay the entire amount of the workshop enrollment fee in 1 time or to pay in 3 times. A down payment of 33% (one third) is required at the time of registration, which guarantees the booking of a place in the workshop. The other 2 payments are made in correspondence from each quarter begin, on dates specified at the time of registration.

Entering bank details, and giving consent to payment, on the website https://les-ingeniaux.com automatically triggers the debit to the bank account linked to the bank card used.

For all other types of workshops or services, payment is made in-store or on the website, by credit card, in one time.


All registration becomes final only after payment made under the conditions shown in item 4 above.


Any request for cancellation must be notified by email to the [email protected] address and by mail, at: Les Ingéniaux – 27 rue du Père Guérin, 75013 Paris.

The list below shows the last deadline to meet, in case of cancellation, in order to obtain the right to a refund:

  • Annual weekly workshops: End of the first session of the annual workshop;
  • Quarterly weekly workshops – one-week workshops – One-session workshops: 14 days before the start of the workshop;
  • Self-service bookings: 7 days before the start of the reserved slot.

Subject to compliance with the procedure, any cancelled subscription will be reimbursed within 90 days, net of the deposit and the sessions dispensed that will remain definitively acquired at Les Ingéniaux.

Beyond this last period, the registration will be final and the cancellation cannot be carried out, unless there is a case of force majeure duly justified by the client and subject to the assessment of Les Ingéniaux. In this case, only the down payment and sessions provided on the basis of the current per-session rate as indicated in the tariff brochures will be due. The balance will then be refunded within 90 days.


The client accepts not to directly or indirectly solicit the educational workers employed by Les Ingéniaux and not to use their services for any mission other than that entrusted to them by Les Ingéniaux. In the case of specific requests, customers will have to contact the management of Les Ingéniaux.

Being late

Workshop sessions begin and finish rigorously on schedule, and the tardiness of one or more participants does not in any way open the right to an extension of the session.

Minor participants

When the workshop participants are minors, their parents, or a person duly identified with the Management of Les Ingéniaux, are required to accompany and pick up the participant at the agreed times.

Minors over the age of 12, if authorized in written form by their parents or legal representatives, may leave the premises of the workshop on their own. In this case, parents or legal representatives must provide to th management of Les Ingéniaux a completed form indicating this authorization. If this authorization is issued, Les Ingéniaux absolve themselves of any responsibility for the custody of the minor, from the moment the minor leaves the premises where the workshop took place.

If the minor has to wait for a person to pick him up, in case of repeated tardiness, Les Ingéniaux reserve the right to charge the parent or legal representative an amount equivalent to the costs incurred by this delay, including compensation from the facilitator, regardless of the reason for the delay.

Behaviour and Discipline

In the case of persistent behaviour by a participant that adversely impairs the proper conduct of the workshop sessions, Les Ingéniaux, after an initial warning that would have remained ineffective, reserve the right to exclude the participant for a temporary or permanent period. The enrollment fee, in this case, will remain entirely due to Les Ingéniaux, as the exclusion for disciplinary reasons does not entitle to any refund.

Disciplinary reasons include, but are not limited to, voluntary degradation or theft of the tools, computers or equipment used for the workshop; behaviour that may disrupt the activities of other participants; disrespectful or insulting behaviour towards facilitators, staff of Les Ingéniaux,or to the other participants.

Image Rights

Les Ingéniaux are allowed, subject to written agreement (from the participant himself, or parents or legal representatives in the case of minor participants), to photograph or film the participants during the workshops, as part of their group activities, for the sole purpose of advertising on communication media (paper, Internet, etc.) of Les Ingéniaux.

Materials and Intellectual Property

Any material (books, magazines, computer equipment, etc.) made available and used as part of the services provided by Les Ingéniaux remains its exclusive property, or that of the partners using the spaces of Les Ingéniaux.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, disseminate, rebroadcast or use in any way, in any way and for any reason, even partially, the educational content of the workshops in any language, form, support and format, without prior written consent by Les Ingéniaux.


The Engineers are regularly insured for the services provided in professional civil liability.

However, Les Ingéniaux cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft and breakage of personal items belonging to the participants.

As part of their activities in premises where Les Ingéniaux organize the workshops, participants (or parents in the case of minor participants) agree to subsribe to a personal civil liability insurance coverage.


These terms and conditions of sale are subject to French law. The contractual information and products offered for sale are in accordance with French law. Any dispute arising due to the application of these terms and conditions of sale will be submitted to the competent courts.