Creative Technology Workshops in Paris: A 3D printer used to prototype objects.

Discover the pleasure of DIY and learn innovating technology with Les Ingéniaux!

Learn innovating technology with Les Ingéniaux!

Our Workshops

The best way to learn is always…by doing!
Les Ingéniaux offer creative technology workshops in Paris for children, young people and adults.
Take the challenge! Come and work on amazing projects, whether you are an artist or an engineer. Or both.
Through these experiences, the trial-and-error process, you acquire practical know-how, all while having fun!


Who said the computer was only for the adults to work with? Children, starting from primary school classes, are able to do amazing things, with their ingenuity and creativity.
In a safe environment, within a framework that promotes learning of the technology bases, children who attend our creative technology workshops become little makers!

jeune fille qui utilise le kit Arduino


The technology class is more fun if you get to decide on which project to work! Electronics are the way to creating mobile robots, a personalized alarm clock, interactive and wearable accessories…
Knowing how to write code opens the doors of the video-gaming world, and 3D modeling makes it possible to create objects. At Les Ingéniaux, you can work on your projects with your buddies!


Having fun is not just the children’s privilege! Spend some time with tools in your hands, and discover your hidden vocation… At Les Ingéniaux, we also organize introductory sessions. 3D modeling and printing, programming robotic objects, creating websites– there is no academic level required! Develop skills that are useful for your hobbies, or for you as a professional.

Our mission

Les ingéniaux create a space that is lab, playroom and workshop. Everyone can express their creativity in a safe context and share experiences with other makers!